Once as a Tourist

Once as a Tourist is ready to serve you novel experiences in community-based
tourism through 23 routes from 42 communities in 15 provinces.
Once you, as a tourist, live like a local, the way you travel will never be the same.

Video Travel in Thailand

Video Travel in Thailand

Nakhon Si Thammarat

This province is the second largest province in the South of Thailand. There are many natural attractions such as forests, waterfalls, beaches, and mountain tops. The culture here is a good mix of Buddhism and Islam representing through local wisdom and cuisine. The must-try fruits in Nakon Sri Thammarat are durian, rambutan, and mangosteen.


Lampang was an important city of 1,300-year-old Lanna Kingdom. Nowadays, Lampang’s Great Buddha Relics are highly respected by the locals. Lampang has a lot of unique specialties such as a horse carriage or a hand-painted chicken bowl. Ceramics, wooden crafts, wooden houses, and woven fabrics are famous cultural products of Lampang. Moreover, Lampang has intriguing natural attractions such as hot springs and ponds like Lom Phu Khiao.


Yala is the southernmost province of Thailand. There are many natural attractions waiting for you to discover. There is Halasa waterfall which is in a middle of a rainforest. Ai Yoeweng Sea of Mist is one of the most beautiful viewpoints in the South. Additionally, the city plan of Yala is organized and unique. You can try delicious food in Beton and learn about the lives and wisdom of Chinese-Malays at a community near Hala-Bala forest.

Suphan Buri

This province is a 3,000-year-old ancient city. Located by Thachin River (or Suphanburi River), Suphanburi produces a number of fruits and vegetables because of its prime location. Its culture is also very unique and interesting. The people preserve their own traditions such as Thai Puan weaving, herbal inhaler, old-fashioned fermented rice flour noodles.

Sakon Nakhon

There are many historical sites and natural attractions. Indigo dyeing is a local wisdom passing on from generations to generations. The beautiful indigo fabrics are the signature of the province. There is even an indigo street market every weekend. At Phu Phan National Park, you can find magnificent views of forest, waterfalls, crags, and flower fields. There are also many temples in Sakon Nakorn for people to pay respect to.


Prachinburi is an old historic town. There are many natural attractions and three national parks, which are world heritage sites. A Buddhist tradition called ‘Maka Bhurami Sri Prachin’ is an essential tradition here. People attend the candle light procession around a giant and oldest Buddha’s footprint in Thailand. For travelers, do not miss trying fruits, herbal products, and local cuisine of Prachinburi.


The province used to be part of an ancient city named Sri Wichai. Nowadays, travelers can discover unique old-styled buildings at the old town. The people of Puttani live together as a united community of both Muslim-Thais and Buddhist Thais. There are many attractions for tourists such as rubber farms, fruit farms, beaches, fisherman villages, and San Kala Kiri National Park.


Bang Nara or Manaro is the center of commerce in Narathiwas. In this province, travelers can explore rainforest, peat swamp forest, waterfalls, and beaches. Moreover, as for cultural elements, the architecture of old temples, mosques, shrines, and houses is definitely one of a kind. Do not miss the art on the boat and the gold panning, which is important in a community.

Mae Hong Son

About 90% of the area of Mae Hong Son is mountainous. Besides variety of natural attractions, the province is rich in culture such as the languages, clothing, and food of different tribes. The view, fresh air, and the simple lifestyle are what attract tourists to come to Mae Hong Son all year round.

Udon Thani

Udon Thaini is the door to Indochina region. This economic province is only 50 kilometers from Laos. Its culture is a mix of Chinese, Vietnamese, Laos, and Thai. There are many beautiful temples and 5,000-year-old world heritage sites for travelers to visit. The Buddhist traditions and ‘Morlum’ music (north-eastern styled folk song) are what make Udon Thani unique.

Chanthaburi & Rayong

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Samut Songkhram & Samut Sakhon

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